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Sunday, August 16th, 2015 07:49 pm
Since I have not posted anything for some time, it makes sense to give a quick update.

The SmartGarden v1.0 irrigation controller I installed earlier this year works well so far, pretty reliable and efficient. Keeps my lawn green:-)

I mostly finished new v1.5 hardware, based on Moteino Mega (1284p). This hardware is a bit faster due to W5500 Ethernet controller, and has more RAM (1284p has 16KB), and most importantly - Moteino Mega has built-in high-power RF module. v1.5 hardware still has XBee socket, and I'm using XBee 900 Pro right now (for development and for compat with the v1.0 system), but I'm planning to switch over to the new RF module over time.

I'm planning to swap the Master station controller to v1.5 hardware this fall, after the watering season. In the mean time I'm working on v1.5 SmartGarden firmware.

The v1.5 firmware adds new features and capabilities, including Waterflow counters, analog sensors (intended first of all for soil moisture sensors, but can be any type of sensor), and it also has new WEB UI.

V1.0 WEB UI was still pretty much the original Sprinklers_pi WEB UI, just with few new pages added (sensors dashboard etc), while v1.5 WEB UI is essentially complete rewrite. It is a lot more feature rich, and while using the same core framework (jQuery mobile) it is optimized for bigger screens - a Tablet/iPad/Desktop.

The WEB UI work just started, and may take few more weeks - I can spend only few hours on weekends on the project. But it is progressing well, I will post some screenshots when ready.