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December 31st, 2016

tony_osp: (Default)
Saturday, December 31st, 2016 12:00 am
Some time ago I started experimenting with IoT (Internet of things), using primarily Arduino. This blog is a simple diary of my experiments.

As the base project for my experiments I'm working on the SmartGarden - an intelligent multi-station irrigation and environment monitoring

Initially I started from just irrigation part, using OpenSprinkler design, later on moving to the more advanced Sprinklers_pi (running on Arduino Mega) firmware, adding to it more and more features and capabilities. As I was adding more and more new things - multi-station support using RF network of nodes, sensors data collection and logging etc, I've rewritten large parts of the code and changed hardware design.

Currently the project reached v1.0 release (running my home irrigation system since May 2015). The system is stable and reliable.
It is still work in progress, with some fit-and-finish required (WEB UI improvements etc), but it is good enough to use.

Also I'm working on the next generation of hardware and firmware (v1.5). As of mid-Oct 2015 v1.5 is nearly-ready, I will be upgrading my setup to it before next watering season starts.

Source code for my project (both hardware schematics and firmware source) is available on GitHub: