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Sunday, September 27th, 2015 08:14 pm
My v1.0 SmartGarden system is up and running, it was keeping my lawn and shrubs green this summer, also collecting environmental data. Overall pretty smooth ride so far (fingers crossed :-)).

In the mean time, I was working on v1.5, and it is nearing completion. v1.5 hardware is using more powerful Moteino Mega (1284p) controller, and the firmware changed considerably. New v1.5 firmware has new WEB UI, specifically designed for multi-station irrigation + monitoring system, it has a lot more features and different look&feel. Backend is also significantly changed, to facilitate new features, also I've rewritten core scheduling system. Most of the code now is vastly different from the Sprinklers_pi code, except nntp, tftp and few other small modules.

I'm planning to upgrade my home system to v1.5 later this fall.

SmartGarden v1.5 Home screen

Next Step

I'm planning to switch to the built-in Moteino Mega RF module instead of XBee Pro 900 that is used today. XBee Pro works, however I would like to install additional station at the far end of my property, and at that distance the signal is rather weak. Built-in RF module is supposed to be much more powerful and sensitive. Also it reduces hardware footprint, and new stations based on this design will be cheaper (no need to buy expensive XBee Pro).

I have not decided yet whether to install v1.5 first and then work on switching RF module, or maybe switch RF module before installing new hardware. But either way I'm planning to do it this winter.

Next big step is to port Master controller code to run on SmartPhone/Tablet. This will add a lot more power to the Master controller hardware, and it will give me color, high-quality screen for the device instead of the basic 16x2 LCD. Most of the interaction is happening using WEB UI, however the device itself will look a lot better with the color screen.

This will also enable totally new mode of installation - when the Master controller does not have any zones or sensors connected to it directly (and Master can be installed indoor), but it remotely (via RF) controls actual control and monitoring stations across the property. This is what I consider v2.0 hardware. In theory it is possible and not that hard.

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