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Sunday, May 10th, 2015 07:55 pm
Last weekend I finished installing and turned on my new SmartGarden system. Actually the Master controller was installed few weeks ago, and I was running few channels on it for testing, but now I have complete system in place up and running. The system consists of:

1. Master controller. It is network-connected, it handles scheduling, logging, sensors logging, WEB interface etc.
2. Remote voltage converter to allow connecting Orbit DC valves to 24VAC irrigation system
3. Remote RF station, driving additional 4 channel of Orbit DC valves, and also handling additional Temp/Humidity sensors

Master controller has 16 channels, out of these 12 are 24VAC and 4 are DC valves-compatible. Out of these 12 24VAC channels 4 are further converted to Orbit DC compatible using remote voltage converter. Remote RF station adds 4 more channels - 20 channels all-up right now. Remote RF station uses 900MHz link and can reach quite far.
Across the system I have 6 sensors - 3 temperature sensors, two humidity sensors, and air pressure sensor. I'm planning to add water flow sensor later on.

I will post detailed report next weekend with some photos.

The software seems to handle all standard duties OK, I noticed few minor bugs (UI-related), but all functionality works. By common standards probably it can be considered "Public Preview" level of quality;-)

Also I have one more 8-channel Remote RF station in works, to add 8 more irrigation channels + additional sensors at the far end of my property, increasing total number of irrigation channels to 28. But probably it will take few more weeks before I can install it.