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Sunday, February 1st, 2015 11:48 am
Recently I came across an interesting Arduino-compatible MCU module - Moteino. It is specifically designed for building low-power, RF-connected nodes. Moteino includes AVR chip, necessary power/reset/clk circuits, as well as RF module and even 4Mbit Flash chip. The whole thing is built as a small (1"x2") micro-module. The circuitry is designed for low-power operation.

The most interesting (for me) is the Moteino Mega version - it uses 1280p chip, which provides best hardware specs in Arduino world - 128KB program Flash, 2 serial ports, decent number of GPIO and 16KB RAM - which is actually double of the standard Arduino Mega, and 8x times of Arduino Uno.

Moteino price is also pretty good - base Mega module is under $20, and with powerful (long-range) RF module and 4Mbits Flash chip - about $30. This is actually cheaper than long-range XBee module alone, and I'm considering moving SmartGarden system to Moteino base. Moteino can also work with XBee RF, but if the onboard high-power RF module delivers on the promised specs - I just don't need XBee at all.

I ordered one of the Moteino modules and will be experimenting with it, if it does work as promised - it will be great technology base for SmartGarden.

Moteino Mega