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February 14th, 2015

tony_osp: (Default)
Saturday, February 14th, 2015 12:11 pm
After finishing up few things I published the Master station code on the GitHub. The overall system is at Alpha stage, but is usable - all key functionality works - you can schedule and manually control watering zones across multiple stations, the system will show Sensors status across multiple stations both in Dashboard and in historical/log view.

Sensors data viewing is really more of a prototype rather than finished work, but it works. It was mostly a test UI for me to see actual sensor readings, and I added jQuery Thermometer and HighCharts Gauge for the fun of it :-)

As the next step I'm planning to build few more of Remote station boxes using Moteino MCU, but in totally sealed enclosure, suitable for installation outdoors - to get ready for system installation across my property this spring.

After that I'm planning to start porting the Master station code to a small-screen Tablet. Tablet has a lot better screen than just basic 1602 LCD, and it has WiFi, RTC and other goodies - and with the current super-cheap prices for small tablets (you can find 7" tablet for under $80!) it is hard to find a better value.